Friday, September 20, 2019

Gansevoort Melville, speeches and more on Melvilliana

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For anyone looking into the life and times of Herman Melville's brilliant older brother Gansevoort Melville (1815-1846), here are links to relevant posts on Melvilliana, starting with those containing transcriptions (partial, mostly) of Gansevoort's political speeches.

Speeches by Gansevoort Melville


More on Gansevoort Melville

Published scholarship:
  • Hershel Parker, Herman Melville: A Biography, Volume 1, 1819-1851 (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1996). See especially chapter 5, In the Shadow of the Young Furrier (pages 84-103); and chapter 16, The Sailor, the Orator, and the Grand Contested Election: 1844 (pages 316-338).

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  1. Riches running wild! Information raining down! In 1962, it was hard slogging, finding newspapers, turning pages, turning microfilm reels. Copying and typing and retyping. You really can gather and retain and present wonderfully now. Scott, I remember when you were using the young Internet to identify poetry in Melville's early prose. You caught the wave back then and are still riding it even better than the best lads or old guys do out west of my morning walks. Thank you and congratulations.