Monday, August 5, 2019

Pierre in Utica

Hon. Ellis H. Roberts, M.C.
via The New York Public Library Digital Collections
Somehow I overlooked this friendly notice of Pierre in the Oneida Morning Herald, then published and edited in Utica, New York by Ellis H. Roberts. A few months later (October 26, 1852), the Utica editor protested the "ferocious diatribe on Herman Melville" in the November 1852 American Whig Review as "the most unjust specimen of criticism we have read during the past five years."

From the Oneida Morning Herald (Utica, New York), Thursday, August 5, 1852; found at Fulton History:
Oneida Morning Herald (Utica, NY) - August 5, 1852
PIERRE, or the Ambiguities. By Herman Melville, New York: Harper & Brothers.

Another work by the author of "Typee!" Those who have read the earlier as well as some of the later productions of this author, need no importuning of ours to read the present volume. We must confess the story of Pierre is to us as yet a profound mystery; but the dozen or so pages which we have read tempt us so strongly to proceed that we have made a vow to read the book as soon as we shall get sufficient breathing time. "Pierre" is dedicated to our old friend, "His Purple Majesty, Greylock," and he could not have enlisted the favor of a more lordly patron.

For sale by John W. Fuller & Co. 
Still looking for any notice of Moby-Dick in Utica.

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