Monday, August 7, 2017

Redburn in the Oneida Morning Herald

Time to tidy up. We already located favorable notices of Mardi (1849) and White-Jacket (1850) by editors Richard U. Sherman and Erastus Clark, so there pretty much has to be one of Redburn (1849), too, somewhere in the Morning Herald. Here:

Oneida Morning Herald [Utica, New York] - November 22, 1849
Herman Melville, the author of those exquisite creations Typee and Omoo has just published another work. "Redburn, His first voyage being the sailor boy Confession's of a Gentleman's Son in the Merchant service. We have not had time to peruse it yet we have no doubt that the same humor, clearness and minuteness of observation, the same fancy at all times pleasant and oftentimes highly exalted, and a like chaste style which mark his first productions are the properties of "Redburn." 
This work can be had at TRACY's.
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