Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Arrowhead in January

Last month I had the pleasure of visiting Troy, New York. I drove there from Albany (Rensselaer, technically) after a gorgeous ride along the Hudson on Amtrak from Penn Station in New York City. Spent a lot of my time at the Troy Public Library, looking at old newspapers on microfilm in the Troy Room.

For a break I drove to Pittsfield in western Massachusetts and (of course) stopped by Arrowhead.

After parking my rented SUV (unsolicited upgrade, thanks enterprise!) I walked on over to the front of Herman Melville's old home. Check out the reconstructed front porch, something added they say by Herman's brother Allan Melville around 1870, when he owned the place...

I proceeded on around for a look at the famous Piazza, also a reconstruction...

and then walked a little ways up The Melville Trail before heading back in a light snowfall.

It's a beautiful place to be, still.

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