Sunday, January 19, 2014

John Ross Dix writing as "A Cosmopolitan" notices Typee

Or is it John Dix Ross?  From "Etchings in England" by "A Cosmopolitan":
Mr. Melville’s Narrative of a Residence in the Marquesas Islands has been exceedingly well received here, and favorably reviewed.  It has, I hear from the author’s brother, been by this time re-printed in America; and this renders any further allusion to it unnecessary.
Boston Daily Atlas, Saturday, April 25, 1846
So apparently the biographer of Chatterton--one of them, anyhow--conversed in London with Gansevoort Melville.  Before returning to his native England in October 1845, John Ross Dix had already won fans as the presumed author of "Pen and Ink Sketches" also written for the Boston Daily Atlas.

Some say Dix's real name was George Spencer Phillips. Hmmmm.

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