Sunday, August 28, 2022

Drum update

Christopher Morton, Assistant Curator with the New York State Military Museum & Veterans Research Center has kindly informed me by email that
"the brass drum is safe and sound in the collections of the NYS Military Museum located in Saratoga Springs. The drum is currently on display in the Military Museum’s Revolutionary War exhibition.

The brief description in your letter regarding the drum’s journey is accurate. The Albany Republican Artillery received the drum in 1832 and later donated or transferred it to the Military Museum in 1882. The Military Museum, known at various times as the Bureau of Military Statistics, Bureau of Military Record, etc. can trace its origins to 1863 and is now known as the NYS Military Museum." 
Wonderful news! I'm sincerely grateful for the information as well as the tempting invitation to visit the Museum in Saratoga Springs and "see the drum firsthand."

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