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Battle-Pieces in Indianapolis

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Kevin J. Hayes gives this one in Herman Melville, part of the Critical Lives series published by Reaktion Books (London, 2017); and distributed "in North and South America only" by The University of Chicago Press. There, I just ordered the Kindle Edition.
BATTLE-PIECES AND ASPECTS OF THE WAR. By Herman Melville. New York: Harper & Bros. Cincinnati: Robert Clarke & Co. Indianapolis: Merrill & Co. Price $1.75.
We have often wondered why Herman Melville did not write poetry. The volume before us shows that he does write it, and that of the best quality. The battle pieces have the true martial ring. They are swift in movement, stirring in tone, and vividly suggestive of shot, shell, sabre stroke, and garments rolled in blood. "Sheridan at Cedar Creek," is a lyric unsurpassed; and this is but representative of the excellences manifested throughout the work.  --Indianapolis Daily Journal, December 15, 1866
The Journal was published in Indianapolis by Douglass and Conner--meaning James G. Douglass and Samuel M. Douglass (sons of founder John Douglass) with Alexander H. Conner.

Conner was a lawyer and prominent Republican, later honored in Nebraska as Alexander H. Connor according to one Biographical Souvenir.

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