Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Dutch Quarrel or Much Ado about Nothing

"He say Donder und Blitzen!"
--"Marlborough Street.—'Much Ado about Nothing.'—" London Morning Advertiser, 4 June 1835
"He say, Donder on blixen!" --London Morning Post, 4 June 1835
Donder on blixen!
London Morning Post - June 4, 1835
"He say Donder and Blitzen!" --London Examiner, 7 June 1835 
Donder and Blitzen!
London Examiner - June 7, 1835
"He say, donder en blixen!" --Salisbury and Winchester Journal, 8 June 1835
"He say, Donder on blixen!" --same story as above, headlined "A Dutch Quarrel" and reprinted in The Scotsman, 10 June 1835.
More to follow soon, hopefully, all about Donder, Dunder, Blitzen, Blixen, Blixem, etc.  

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