Wednesday, August 18, 2021

8-17-2021 County of San Diego Board of Supervisors Meeting AM Session

Powerful messages here from community members in San Diego County include this great statement by Lou Uridel, co-founder and owner of Metroflex Gym Oceanside (starting at 3:41:40):
My name is Lou Uridel, I’m the owner of Metroflex Gym in Oceanside. It’s been eighteen months since people have been so scared of dying that they gave up on living. I’m here today to talk about recent recommendations to ask employers to do your dirty work. Asking them to mandate vaccines is another misstep in a parade of failures of our government. You want to know why there’s so much kickback on this? We simply don’t trust you. And why would we? It’s gone from “two weeks to flatten the curve” to “show me your papers if you want to work here.” It went from stemming the flow of the ICU overflow, to eradicating a virus that will never go away. The proof is in Israel with the highest rates of vaccines and many more breakthrough cases than ever seen. Masks didn’t work, stay at home orders didn’t work, and lockdowns will go down in history as one of the greatest blunders of our time.

We talk about personal responsibility in getting the vaccine. Dr. Wilma Wouten, not once have I heard you or any other health officer talk about the importance of the fact that 78% of the people admitted to the ICU are overweight or obese. You nor our elected officials (minus Jim Desmond) have ever mentioned the effectiveness of maintaining healthy weight, exercise, proper nutrition, vitamin supplementation. Not a peep. We are talking about health? We talking about health?

Instead we get “wear a mask, stay home, close your business, and take this shot.” None of which boosts your immune system. Don’t talk to me about personal responsibility until every employer is held responsible for injury resulting from this shot when they require it; or Big Pharma companies are held liable. I’m going to make this real simple for y’all. I will never, and I mean ever, submit to any requests and requirement to wear masks or vaccine mandates. I will never submit to rules that segregate or dismantle people and put them against each other. Thank you. 

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