Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Melville in Mississippi

Wed, May 9, 1849 – Page 1 · Vicksburg Whig (Vicksburg, Mississippi) · Newspapers.com
Mardi, by Herman Melville, author of "Typee" and "Omoo." If popularity be a test of merit, Mr. Melville's are very meritorious works. Whatever he has written appears to be considered extremely readable both in England and the United States. He is decidedly a favorite of the critics of both countries. The present work is beautifully printed in two volumes, and seems to be full of dashing adventure and exciting interest.  --Vicksburg MS Weekly Whig, May 9, 1849.
Wed, Aug 25, 1852 – Page 1 · Vicksburg Whig (Vicksburg, Mississippi) · Newspapers.com
Pierre; or, The Ambiguities--by Herman Melville.
Melville is now the literary celebrity of America; and although we have not as yet had the pleasure of reading the work before us, we have seen enough to dwell with delight upon the rich treat we have in store. --Vicksburg MS Weekly Whig, August 25, 1852.

Then published in Vicksburg, Mississippi by Marmaduke Shannon, the Weekly Whig was edited in 1848-50 by J. E. Carnes; and subsequently by Rufus K. Arthur until his death in 1855. For more background, check out

The Press of Mississippi, Historical Sketch by I. M. Partridge in Debow's Review Volume 29, October 1860, pages 500-509.

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