Saturday, December 21, 2013

wild, wonderful, and tragical Pierre

Something rare, early positive spin on Pierre!

Quoted from the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin in advertisements in the New York Literary World (October 16, 1852) and Morning Courier (October 20, 1852):
Mr. Melville has cut the acquaintance of Polynesia, and has made a domestic story as wild, wonderful, and tragical as he ever conjured from the tropical wilds of the coral islands of the Pacific. Pierre is a curious mixture of Dante’s Inferno and of Hamlet. Pierre, Lucy Tartan, Mrs. Glendinning, and Isabel, are creations that could have come from no other source than Melville’s mind. * * * It is clothed with language singularly wild, beautiful, and wonderful. —Phila. Evening Bulletin
Maybe we can find the rest of it somewhere.

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