Sunday, March 6, 2016

Gansevoort Melville's Jackson Jubilee speech in the North Carolina Standard

Gansvoort Melville's great speech at the Jackson Jubilee (March 15, 1844) in New York City was front page news in Raleigh. On April 3, 1844 the North Carolina Standard, the Democratic paper edited by William Woods Holden (1818-1892), printed a nice clear and complete text under the heading, "Mr. Melville's Address." Herman Melville's older brother was already known to readers of the Standard. Back on October 11, 1843 Holden's North Carolina Standard had  reprinted the report of Gansevoort's speech on Irish Repeal, from the New York Evening Post.

For a transcription of Gansevoort's entire 1844 speech from other, earlier newspaper reports check out the popular melvilliana post

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