Friday, March 4, 2016

Notice of Pierre in the Baltimore Sun

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This item is logged and transcribed in George Monteiro, Herman Melville: Fugitive References (1845-1922), Resources for American Literary Study Volume 33 (2008; AMS Press, 2010) pages 19-93 at 28.
“Pierre, or the Ambiguities; by Herman Melville.” A fascinating, original and brilliant production of the same mind which has within a few short years won an equally original and brilliant reputation in an entirely new and untrodden field. “Pierre” works in hearts, and loves, and philosophy: but forgets not diligently to supply his pages with the pungency of his satire. --Baltimore Sun, Wednesday, August 4, 1852; also accessible online in the historical Newspaper Archives at Genealogy Bank.
Reprinted in the Lutheran Observer (Baltimore, Maryland) on August 14, 1852.

Texts of Melville's Pierre:

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