Friday, April 21, 2017

Dunder and Blixen, 1825

"A Visit from St. Nicholas" appeared on December 31, 1825 in the Berks and Schuylkill Journal [Reading, Pennsylvania], reprinted from the Troy Sentinel but giving "Blixen" where the 1823 Sentinel version read "Blixem."
Berks and Schuylkill Journal [Reading, PA]
December 31, 1825
The reading "Blixen" also appears in David McClure's reprinting of "Visit" in the United States National Almanac (Philadelphia, 1825). In December 1825 the Charleston Mercury likewise printed "Blixen," and the Mercury version with "Blixen" was copied by numerous other newspapers including the Washington National Intelligencer (January 2, 1826). Some version of "Christmas Times" with "nested" for "nestled" supplied the copy-text for the February 1826 reprinting in the Philadelphia Casket.

Washington [D. C.] National Intelligencer
January 2, 1826
Crediting the Troy Sentinel, The Arkansas Gazette on December 25, 1827 printed "Dundor and Blixem." As Pat Pflieger observes at
"Many early reprints included the introduction written by the editor of the Troy Sentinel when it first published the poem in 1823. No reprint, however, reproduced the poem exactly as it was originally published."

Tue, Dec 25, 1827 – Page 4 · The Arkansas Gazette (Arkansas Post, Arkansas, Arkansas) ·

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