Thursday, December 29, 2016

Notice of The Confidence-Man in the Maine Farmer

Maine Farmer [Augusta, Maine] April 23, 1857
From the Maine Farmer, April 23, 1857; found in the online Newspaper Archives at Genealogy Bank.


THE CONFIDENCE MAN: His Masquerade. By Herman Melville. New York. Dix & Edwards; Boston: A. Williams & Co. Those who have read "Omoo," "Typee," "Redburn," or the "Piazza Tales," by this author, will desire to see this, his latest work. It will be found different from any of his former productions, evincing as fertile an imagination as any of his previous works, but lacking, we think, the peculiar interest which pervaded them. Still, the reader will find many marks of a master's hand, and much amusement in its perusal. For sale at Stanwood's.
The Maine Farmer was edited from 1833 to 1865 by Ezekiel Holmes (1801-1865).

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