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Melville on Tuesday, Greeley Saturday

Independent Democrat - November 19, 1857

Pennacook Lyceum Lectures.

The next lecture before the citizens of Concord, will be delivered on Tuesday evening November 24th, by Herman Melville Esq., of Pittsfield, Mass. Subject "Roman Statuary." Mr. Melville, although little known to the public as a lecturer, has an extensive reputation as a writer of fiction, and his Typee and Omoo, Mardi and a Voyage Thither, Moby Dick or the Whale Catcher, Israel Potter or Fifty Years of Exile, and other works have had a most extensive circulation both in this country and in England.
We learn also that Horace Greeley Esq. will deliver several lectures in New England on Thanksgiving week, and will deliver one of the regular course of Lyceum Lectures in Concord on Saturday evening November 28th. The lecture of Mr. Melville on Tuesday evening and that of Mr. Greeley on Saturday evening will give our citizens an abundance of lecture entertainment on Thanksgiving week. --Concord, New Hampshire Independent Democrat, November 19, 1857; found in the online Newspaper Archives at GenealogyBank.
The inventive title bestowed on Moby-Dick ("Moby Dick or the Whale Catcher") seems to betray a virtuous desire for fair play in New Hampshire. Melville drew a good crowd in Concord for his lecture on Roman Statuary. From the Manchester Mirror and Farmer, November 28, 1857:
"The lecture last evening before Pennacook Lyceum, by H. Melville, Esq. was highly spoken of by those who attended. Phenix Hall, the largest in the city, was well filled by an attentive audience."
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