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Cleveland Plain Dealer, notice of Moby-Dick

Here's another favorable notice of Moby-Dick. This one is from the Cleveland Plain Dealer of November 21, 1851; found on GenealogyBank. The Plain Dealer was then edited by Joseph William Gray (1813-1862) with associate editor John Bell Bouton (1830-1902). Later, J. B. Bouton edited the Life and Choice Writings of George Lippard (New York, 1855) and joined the New York Journal of Commerce.

Cleveland, Ohio Plain Dealer - November 21, 1852
via GenealogyBank

New Publications.  

"MOBY DICK: Or, THE WHALE," by Herman Melville. 
Among the new class of writers who have sprung into a reputation within the past few years, there is no one more generally admired by the popular reader than HERMAN MELVILLE.-- His forte is description, both in presentation of ideas and selection of words; and so much is he at home in each department, that the most captious critic can find little or nothing to strike out or amend. His last book indicates no falling off from the high standard of his "Typee," and "Omoo" but is, perhaps, more fascinating than either. The subject is entirely new, and readily gives rise to any quantity of those marvelous stories which have induced some reviewers to style our author "a second MUNCHAUSEN." 
For sale by M. C. YOUNGLOVE & Co.
 --Cleveland Plain Dealer, November 21, 1852
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