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Battle-Pieces in Gold Hill, Nevada

From the Gold Hill Daily News (Gold Hill, Nevada), October 1, 1866; found at GenealogyBank.

Gold Hill [Nevada] Daily News - October 1, 1866
The author of "Pypee," "Omoo," "Pierre" and "Moby Dick" has a reputation on both sides of the Atlantic as a writer of strange novels, but it is a new thing for him to appear as the author of a volume of poems. As such, however, he has ventured to come before the public with a beautifully-printed volume entitled "Battle-Pieces and Aspects of the War," published by the Harpers. We have had barely time to give the book a hasty glance, but are satisfied that it is of a far different character from that of the most of the published "poetry of the war," which has been entailed on us along with the national debt and other afflictions.
When this notice of Melville's Battle-Pieces appeared, publisher Philip Lynch was also "sole editor" of the Gold Hill Daily News. (Alfred Doten came on as associate editor the next year, in November 1867.)
"According to the Nevada historian Myron Angel, under Lynch the Gold Hill Daily News gained a reputation as 'the best-printed [paper] of any on the Pacific Coast.'"
--Nevada Digital Newspaper Project
Mark Twain gave his Sandwich Islands lecture in Gold Hill on November 10, 1866, and afterwards endured a famous hold-up, perpetrated by his friends.

Gold Hill Daily News (Gold Hill, Nevada) - November 10, 1866
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