Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fulton History down

but not out for long, hopefully. Tom Tryniski explains on Facebook:
Hello All
Could you please pass the word around that is down due to a Power spike that took out my DNS server, WAN and Link balancer .My email address will also not resolve as the MX pointer records were also affected. New hardware has been ordered and will be shipped by Fedx tonight from Taiwan. Count of 4-6 days before I'm back up. I have spares on most of my hardware but due to cost that one piece of equipment was not..You can reach me using gmail ****Tom Tom Tryniski
Listed at the New York Public Library, Fulton History is a national treasure worthy of support from Melville fans everywhere, and from all students of American history. Thank you Tom Tryniski and best of luck with your new hardware.

May Fulton History keep on serving and balancing forever!

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